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Concord ~ Attendance

Adams, Rebecca

3rd/4th Grade Single Language Teacher

Arano Uribe, Nicolet

Multilingual Learners IA

Ayers, Katherine

Art through STEAM Specialist

Come on up to the Technology lab on the 3rd floor to see what we are doing!
We could be singing songs, learning technology vocabulary, practicing keyboarding or mouse skills or creating a project!

Bradon Baccam

Baccam, Bradon

Special Education Instructional Assistant

Berglund, Jennifer

SCTG Consulting Teacher
Kimberly Berman

Berman, Kimberly

Multilingual Learners Teacher

Bracamontes, Sandra

Family Support Worker

Calier, Chantelle

Special Education Instructional Assistant

Carvallo Valencia, Carla

3rd Grade Dual Language Teacher

Casamalhuapa, Cecilio

Multilingual Learners IA

Cassio Igari, Kaitlynn

Music Teacher

Chance, William

Teacher Instrumental Music Specialist

Chun, Eun Young

Special Education Instructional Assistant

Claiborne, Angela

Special Education Instructional Assistant

Cooper, Barbara

Head Start Classroom Assistant

Crowe, Ali

School Psychologist

Dillon, Amica

2nd/3rd Grade Single Language Teacher

Flores, Leslie

Multilingual (MLL) Teacher

Franzen, Paula

Special Education Teacher