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Reed, Eugene

Head Start Teacher
Mateo Rodriguez Castro

Rodriguez Castro, Mateo

Kindergarten Dual Language Teacher

Salazar, Julie

Specialist Comm Disorder


I work at Concord Elementary Tuesday and Friday and provide evaluations and therapy in English and Spanish. I work with preschool through 5th grade. At Dunlap elementary school I work Monday and Thursday in one of their Developmental preschools.

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Have a great year.

Mary Sanchez

Sanchez, Mary

Family Support Worker
Miguel Sansalone

Sansalone, Miguel


Saya, Juson

Night Custodian

Schnathorst, Beatriz

Interventionist K-2
Jessica Staire

Staire, Jessica

Music Specialist
Kathryn Tabor

Tabor, Kathryn

5th Gr. Single Lang.
Mindy Terr

Terr, Mindy


Personal Message

I am lucky enough to be the half time librarian at two schools! The beginning of the week, Monday, Tuesdays, and then every other Wednesday,  I am the librarian at Rainier View Elementary. I am the librarian at Concord International on every  Wednesday, every Thursday and every Friday. Come find me in either library, sharing my enthusiasm for reading and books with our students, helping them grow their information literacy skills and become lifelong learners!  When I'm not at school, I'm reading, (naturally), spending time with my family and planning my next trip!

Cristina Vargas

Vargas, Cristina

1st Grade Teacher Dual
Marlene Vasquez

Vasquez, Marlene

Fami.Svs Provider - 222-Hdstrt
Barbra Zambrano

Zambrano, Barbra

2nd Grade Dual