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    We at Concord International feel that participation in student-oriented activities is a vital part of a student’s education. Therefore, a wide range of activities is provided, which include the following:

    Instrumental Music

    Activity Coordinator: Peter Fleming (

    5th grade students may choose to participate in music lessons on string and wind instruments. The class is once a week, during the school day. Students are expected to have good attendance and participate in winter and spring performances.

    Salmon Project

    Activity Coordinator

    Environmental Stewardship Program - Green Team

    Activity Coordinator - Kate Ayers (

    Intermediate students on our Green Team help us sort our food waste at breakfast and lunch. All students at Concord International help by using our classroom recycling and food waste containers daily.

    Nutrition Program

    All students get fresh fruits and vegetables for snack and learn about healthy eating in our nutrition classes led by Pam Ronson (, our Nutrition and Garden Coordinator. She invites our parents to participate with their children in the classes. They can come teach a recipe, or just observe a class, or help us by being a volunteer teacher.

    Solid Ground Community Gardening - Marra Farm

    Activity Coordinator - determined by grade level teachers as aligned with science standards

    Students walk to nearby Marra Farm, garden in their own garden plots, conduct science lessons/experiments and participate in nutrition education.

    Team Read

    Activity Coordinator - Therese Klein (

    This is an after school reading program focusing on our second and third graders, who work twice a week with trained high school reading coaches (some of whom are Concord alumni!).