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    Apple Corps Nutrition Classes Return to Concord!

    The Apple Corps Program is returning for another year at Concord! We are excited to explore nutrition through cooking, eating and gardening with students, teachers and parents. Below are our program updates for 2016-2017:

    • We are looking for parent/guardian and community volunteers to participate in our nutrition classes. We invite you to cook with our classes and/or join us for excursions to Marra Farm. If you enjoy cooking or gardening this is an opportunity to share your expertise with students and learn with us! Please send us an email if you are interested in this opportunity.

    • This year we aim to align our nutrition and cooking curriculum more directly with Common Core Standards. This means more integration between the material in our cooking and gardening lessons and school curricula. We also are continuing our focus on geography, literacy, multiculturalism and diversity.

    • Beyond nutrition classes, we will be assisting with or organizing the following programming:

      • Coordinating Family Cook Nights, Market Night, and other activity nights together
      • Breakfast promotions and health promotions
      • Growing our own food at the Children's Garden at Marra Farm and caring for Hamm Creek
      • Providing before and after-school cooking classes and workshops (CLC)

    Meet Your New Nutrition Educators!

    Phoenica flexing her bicep and holding a cucumberMy name is Phoenica and I am so excited to join your community! I want to foster a space where we can all learn together, try new things, and discover food and health. My hope is to continue to strengthen our community at Concord through good food and good people. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and you can contact me at

    HelenMy name is Helen and I am delighted to join the Concord community as a nutrition educator! I love trying new foods and this year I'm looking forward to making and tasting recipes I've never had before. I'm excited to learn with staff, students and parents about cooking, gardening and healthy eating. You can contact me at


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