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    City Year November 2018 Newsletter

    What are we doing in our classrooms?

    See what 3rd Grade is up to in English/Language Arts!

    Mr. Michael says: This month, the third graders in Mrs. Murray’s 3rd grade class just finished publishing their first stories. They all had the opportunity to read their work in front of the class and receive compliments from their classmates. The diverse col-lection of stories included acrostic poems, fiction pieces, retellings of good memo-ries, and stories about Concord’s history and teachers! In reading, the students are continuing to make inferences about characters, and are also discussing how setting impacts plot. We are all excited to see how they continue to grow throughout this year!

    See what 4th Grade is up to in English/Language Arts!

    Ms. Sravya says: This month, I have been helping out the 4th & 5th graders in Ms. Schnathorst's class with comprehension & grammar worksheets to understand sen-tence structure better. Earlier this month, we were working on differentiation be-tween 1st & 3rd person pronouns (including usage & context). We've also been dis-cussing point of view passages where the students read the passage out loud (to develop fluency), then, they select their choices from a list of characters about whose point of view they think it is and support their answer with evidence from the text.

    Ms. Libby says: 4th graders are focusing on finding the main idea of a story. I am working on finding the main idea with my students in my ELA small group. They find the most important part of the story. We read "The Trail Home", a story about a girl getting stuck in a storm because she went to find her horse that ran away. The main idea of the story is to keep trying and persevere through hardships and to believe in yourself because the girl found her horse alone and helped her dad get to a hospital after a branch fell on him.

    See what 5th grade is up to in English/Language Arts!

    Ms. Jenn says: 5th graders in Maestra Stephanie’s class are working on creating their own investigation in sports! They have been researching important information, such as important people, events, teams, etc. and taking the main ideas and major points. Now, they are crafting a thesis statement over why they’re sport is the best or worst! We are also working on citing evidence from the text; a vital skill every student will be expected to perfect by the time they get to college.

    This November, We Are Grateful for...

    ….family, friends, every meal, my bed, water, and my wonderful children that I’m around everyday, and City Year!” (Mr. Pentland, 1st grade)

    ...for the City Years for being nice to us.” (Rose, 2nd grade)

    ...for family.” (Mr. Jussen, Concord Maintenance Staff)

    ...for joyful and silly moments in the classroom that make everyone laugh and smile even if we have a lot of work to do.” (Ms. Dunphy, 3rd grade)

    ...most of all my family, my work here at Concord, and my health.” (Mrs. Magda, Administrator)

    Check Out These Fun Ways to Show Appreciation Towards Someone!

    Some awesome ways to show that you are appreciative, grateful, or thankful for people in your life are:

    1. Coloring them a picture
    2. Taking a picture with them and #hashtagging it #blessed #grateful
    3. Making them a DIY (Do It Yourself) project in STEAM
    4. Creating a poem or story about them
    5. Buying them flowers

    You are awesome!

    Theme of the Month!

    Improvement! This month, we reflect on the improvements that we have made both in the classroom and outside. How have we grown since our first day of school? What have I done to help improve my skills in math, literacy, Spanish, and on and on? Any and all answers are ENCOURAGED to be written on a slip of paper that you can pick up from the Community Bulletin Board next to the cafeteria and turned in.

    Positivity Corner!

    1. During recess, fourth graders Edwin and Kevin made sure to invite Alex to play soccer and to feel included in their friend group after he previously experienced a tough day. Keep on making Concord a safe and inclusive space, Edwin and Kevin!
    2. When fourth grader Natalie dropped her multiplication flashcards in class, Ari showed compassion and chose to help her pick them up, even though he did not have to! We love seeing students like Ari helping others even when no one is looking!
    3. A huge appreciation to the fifth grade Safety Patrol Team who come to school early each and every day to make sure Concord continues to be a safe environment for everyone! Your hard work, care and dedication does not go unnoticed!
    4. When a classmate was sad during lunch, third grader Darwin demonstrated concern and compassion for others by seeking
      out help from a City Year and spending time talking with her to make sure she was okay. Taking care of one another is such an important quality, and at Concord, we love recognizing those who show kindness to others!

    Go Pumas!