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The mission of Concord Library is to inspire students to develop an appreciation and passion for reading as well as to provide students with the skills to ethically access, evaluate, and use information.

Library Policies for 2023-2024

Check-Out Policy

  • First through third graders can check out 10 books.
  • Fourth and fifth graders can check out 5 books.

All library books and magazines are checked out for 2 week increments. Students may renew books, unless the book is already on-hold for another student.

Overdue or Lost Books

We do not charge fines for late books. Patrons with more than one overdue item may not check out additional items until overdue materials are returned.

Sometimes puddles, puppies, and younger siblings accidentally enjoy our library books a little too much! If a library book is lost or damaged while checked out to your child, the book must be replaced. The book can be paid for or replaced with a similar book. Please speak directly with Ms. Sara prior to making a replacement.

Global Reading Challenge

Every winter our 4th and 5th graders  participate in the Seattle Global Reading Challenge. This year’s books will be announced on November 1st! Beginning in December, we will read, re-read, study, and discuss 8 books chosen by the Seattle Public Library. Students create teams and challenge each other quiz style to determine our school champion. Our in-school challenge will happen in February.

Congratulations to last year’s winning team “People Known as Los Tacohauces” who competed at the Central Library in one of the semi-final rounds.

More information about the Seattle Public Library Global Reading Challenge

Volunteer Opportunities

I am looking for people to help maintain the library.

Help me with:

  • reshelving books
  • cataloging
  • checking-in and checking-out books
  • working with students
  • Sharing your special skills and interests