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    Thank You Volunteers
    Posted on 06/16/2020

    Please watch our Thank You Video

    "Change Only Happens When Ordinary People Get Involved"  Barack Obama

    Dear Concord Volunteers,

    Thank you for all you do for Concord students, staff and families! Some of you have come to Concord to help sharpen pencils, distribute food bags and chaperone field trips. Some of you work tirelessly on the Concord PTA, come in daily and some have come once or twice over the year. Whether big or small, lots of time or short bursts of time, you are appreciated! Whatever way you gave your time and energy, the Concord staff want you to know you helped in making the school year a success. The 2019-2020 school year has had some opportunities and, as you know, a lot of challenges! As a Concord volunteer, you played a role in the successful year. We had great opportunities with the annual South Park Fiestas Patrias Parade and the welcoming of a United States Presidential Candidate, Julian Castro who came to celebrate the opening of the Sea Mar Museum of Chicano/a/Latino/a Culture, at which Concord students performed. We had the many challenges of the unfortunate early closing of the building on March 11th , battling a World Pandemic, helping the Concord community of students with food, housing, and many other basic needs, and most recently, Black Lives Matters June 2020 in response to the killings of Black People in the United States. As Concord volunteers, you have been there with us every step of the way, and for that, we say THANK YOU!

    To all of you who have given of yourself and your time to make Concord International the best place it can be for our community.

    For the family members who helped in the lunchroom, in the classroom, in the library and beyond,

    For the community members who helped make our building and grounds a more beautiful place,

    For our City Year and Apple Corp members who add so much in so many ways to our students, staff and community.. we say a heartfelt